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Continuous research in steel metallurgy together with computerized management of all working parameters ensure GETT links attain the finest possible quality standards and place them among the best products available for this particular market. GETT links excellent wear resistance, even in the most severe working conditions, is assured by modern rail induction hardening systems as well as accurate control systems, complying with ISO9001 International Standards. GETT links have a running rail surface hardness of Rockwell C 55, a case depth hardness of Rockwell C 45 (from 5 to 13 mm depending on size) and a core hardness of Rockwell C 30.

GETT has given priority to the significant requirement of reducing pin and bushing friction wear in their chains. These components, track bushings in particular, are of fundamental importance to chain durability and are therefore manufactured by GETT on the basis of a specific integral process using the most modern design and production systems. Track bushings have a surface hardness of Rockwell C 60, a case depth hardness of Rockwell C 50 (from 1.5 to 3.5 mm depending on size), tempered ends (depending on chain type) and a core hardness of Rockwell C 40. Track pins have a surface hardness of Rockwell C 60 and a case depth hardness of Rockwell C 50 (from 2.5 to 7 mm depending of size).

Assembly is another area of vital importance for strong performance in the field. GETT, drawing on its technological and product experience and expertise, has designed and built fully automatic chains assembly lines and,inthe case of lubricated chains, automatic oil seal control and filling devices for the pin cavities.


Track Shoe
An extremely wide range of profiles makes it possible for GETT to produce shoes suitable for any type of chain. The entire track shoe production process is managed by a specific area computer which supervises the PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) that control the plant's various operating units.
The latest heat treatment processes and metallurgical technology ensure GETT track shoes give outstanding service life under the most abrasive and difficult conditions. Depending on size and profile type, the surface hardness varies from Rockwell C 37 to 49. For special underfoot conditions Berco offers "Swamp" or "Self Cleaning" shoes ( for wet and muddy ground). And GETT track shoe grouser has a surface hardness of Rockwell C 51, a case depth hardness of Rockwell C 40, It can makes recycling for weared track shoe of dozer as new track shoe.

Brand Products range
Caterpillar CAT311 - 345 (E110 - E300), D3 - D11N (SWAMP : D6H/R)
Komatsu PC60 - PC450, D30 - D155 (SWAMP : D65)
Doosan (Daewoo) All kinds of Track Shoe for Doosan (Daewoo)
Hyundai All kinds of Track Shoe for Hyundai
Volvo (Samsung) All kinds of Track Shoe for Volvo (Samsung) excavator and dozer
Hitachi EX60 - EX450 (ZX70 - ZX450)
Kobelco SK60 - SK330
Kato HD250 - HD1500
Etc Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, etc.

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