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GETT try to find out the solution for our customers' requirements and provide the most suitable Bucket according to the clients' desire. GETT is always ready to support to our buyer with high quality product and reasonable price.


- General Purpose Bucket : For normal digging conditions with soft soil. Ideal for general excavation.

- Heavy Duty Bucket : For hard working areas with rock scattered soils. Ideal for general excavating of dense clay and light rock.

- Extra Heavy Duty Bucket : For tough and abrasive applications in rocky areas. Ideal for handling shot rock and severe digging.

- Ditch Cleaning Bucket : For soft applications of light material. Ideal for use in cleaning and forming ditches and watercourses.

- Ripper Bucket : For extremely tough applications in rocky areas. Ideal for ripping, quarrying and hammering of rock.

- Sand Bucket

- Rock Digging Bucket

- Skeleton bucket : For hard working areas with stone scattered soils. Ideal for sorting of broken rocks and sweeping scraps.

- Single Point Ripper : Specifically designed to pre-rip frozen ground or tough soil that exceeds the bucket's recommended duty.




Heavy Duty Bucket for Komatsu PC300

Heavy Duty Bucket for PC300 (1.2 M3)