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These components, made out of cast steel with reinforced geometry at stressed sections, undergo accurate machining and induction hardening process specifically tailored to the different sizes. This allows perfect inter changeability and superior wear resistance. In both cases, the teeth are subject to an induction hardening process which gives them a surface hardness of Rockwell C 54, with a case depth of 4 to 8 mm depending on size, at Rockwell C 40.

Sprocket - Sprocket, Sprocket Rim, Segment

Brand Products range
Caterpillar CAT311 - 345 (E110 - E300), D3 - D9N
Komatsu PC60 - PC450, D30 - D355
Doosan (Daewoo) All kinds of Sprocket for Doosan (Daewoo)
Hyundai All kinds of Sprocket for Hyundai
Volvo (Samsung) All kinds of Sprocket for Volvo (Samsung) excavator and dozer
Hitachi EX60 - EX450 (ZX70 - ZX450)
Kobelco SK60 - SK400
Kato HD250 - HD1450
Etc Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, etc.

Download : Excavator Sprocket, Dozer Segment